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New updates and improvements to FlytBase for your DJI Dock
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2 February 2024

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Live Mission Recording feature, designed to transform manual drone flights into precise, automated missions. This innovative tool enables the duplication of every waypoint and payload setting to ensure unmatched accuracy and allows for instant re-launch with just a single click.

  • Effortless Setup: Convert your manual flight into a pre-programmed, repeatable mission with ease.

  • Unwavering Precision: Replicate your precise movements and camera settings with guaranteed accuracy every time.

  • Enhanced Data Consistency: Capture consistent data sets for reliable comparisons and trend analysis.

To learn more about Live Mission Recording, refer to our documentation.

29 January 2024

We are excited to announce our latest FlytBase release, which enhances situational awareness during BVLOS operations with our new feature: Collision Avoidance Sensing (CAS). CAS enables your drone to detect obstacles in real-time using its vision and infrared sensing systems, allowing it to identify objects and stop at a predetermined braking distance. Additionally, we have made improvements to the Flight Logs.

Collision Avoidance Sensing (CAS): Configure Collision Avoidance Sensing (CAS) for your drone through the DJI Pilot 2 app by setting the warning and braking distances. The drone will detect obstacles in real-time and avoid collisions.

  1. Enhanced Operational Safety: The drone will stop at the configured braking distance if any obstacle is detected, ensuring safety during autonomous operations.

  2. Improved Situational Awareness: With the Navigation Display showing real-time obstacle data, operators can manually control the drone on the FlytBase dashboard without any worries.

Here's the documentation to learn more.

Flight Logs Improvements:

  1. Added more visibility to the overview section for scenarios where the Dock and the Drone go offline during a flight.

This update aims to improve your drone's operational safety and your situational awareness during flights. In case you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to support@flytbase.com.

15 December 2023

We are thrilled to unveil the 'Sites' feature, a transformative addition to our platform. This update is specifically tailored to streamline and enhance the way resources are managed within the organization.

  • Organize with Ease: Each 'site' serves as a centralized hub for resources such as devices, members, missions, and flights, promoting efficient organization.

  • Exclusive Control for Owners and Admins: Creation, configuration, and deletion of sites are exclusive privileges for owners and admins, ensuring controlled and secure management.

  • Site-Specific Fleet Views: Utilize sites as a filter to focus on the fleet operations of a particular site, enabling a more targeted approach to management and decision-making.

Refer to this document to learn more and get started!

We're excited to bring you another new feature that puts more control in your hands: the ability to set custom altitude and radius limits for your DJI drone right from the device zones tab. This update is all about enhancing the safety and precision of your drone operations.

  • Set Maximum Altitude: You can now define the maximum altitude your drone can reach in relation to its dock. This means you have the power to ensure your drone flies at safe heights, tailored to your specific operational needs.

  • Control Drone's Distance from the Dock: Determine the maximum distance your drone can travel from the dock. By setting this limit, you're ensuring that your drone stays within a safe and manageable range during its flights.

  • Enforced Safety Boundaries: Once you set these limits, rest assured that your drone will respect them. It won't breach the predefined altitude or displacement boundaries, giving you peace of mind that your drone operations are safer and more controlled than ever.


  • Revamped Drone Details Card for Enhanced Monitoring: The drone details card has been completely revamped to provide you with more comprehensive and accessible information.

    • Persistent Battery Information: Stay informed about your drone's battery life at all times. Even if the drone goes offline, you can now see the latest charge percentage directly on the drone card, ensuring you're always aware of its power status.

    • Organized Data Sections: We've introduced distinct sections for live health warnings, DJI dock telemetry, weather data, network and connections, and live viewers. This new organization makes it simpler to find the specific information you need when you need it.


  • Fixed an issue with the status of scheduled missions in the 'Schedule' calendar view.

  • Minor fixes and optimizations.

27 November 2023

We are excited to announce our latest FlytBase release, marking a significant leap in ensuring safe, compliant, and more optimized remote drone operations. This update brings you three groundbreaking features: Fly Zones for precise operational control, DJI AirSense for enhanced situational awareness, and intuitive drag-to-drag-to-move gimbal functionality. Additionally, we are also introducing enhancements to our Live Map Annotations, designed to improve mapping, navigation, and team collaboration.

Fly Zones

Gain unparalleled control over your drone's operational space with Fly Zones. Create and manage No Fly Zones and Geofences directly from your dashboard, ensuring your drones fly only where they should. This feature not only enhances safety but also ensures strict adherence to regulatory guidelines, making it ideal for sensitive or restricted areas.

  • Geofence and No Fly Zone Creation: Now, you can effortlessly create and import Geofences and No Fly Zones right into your dashboard. Take control and define your drone's operational boundaries with unparalleled ease and precision. It's your airspace; manage it your way.

  • Device Synchronization: With just a few clicks, synchronize your defined zones with either individual devices or your entire drone fleet across your organization. This feature ensures uniform compliance and control, making your drone operations seamless and coordinated.

  • Compliant Mission Execution: Your drones will now strictly adhere to Geofences and steer clear of No Fly Zones, aligning every mission with the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. Fly with confidence, knowing your drones are operating responsibly.

  • Alert System: Stay ahead of the game with real-time alerts whenever a drone approaches or breaches your designated zones. This proactive feature enables you to respond swiftly and take corrective measures, ensuring the integrity of your operations.

  • Path Planning: Experience the advantage of intelligent path planning algorithms. Your drones will navigate around restricted areas, maintaining mission integrity and safety. It's not just about where your drones fly, but how they get there.

  • Manual Control Features: Even in manual mode, your drones are designed to automatically halt at the boundary of No Fly Zones. This feature prevents unauthorized entry, enhancing your control over every flight.

DJI Airsense

Stay ahead of potential aerial hazards with DJI AirSense. Utilizing advanced ADS-B technology, this feature provides real-time alerts about nearby aircraft, significantly reducing the risk of collisions. It's a game-changer for maintaining situational awareness, especially in busy or complex airspace, ensuring safer and more responsible drone flights.

  • Real-Time Traffic Monitoring: You now have a "Live Traffic" tab on your dashboard that becomes a hub of crucial air traffic information, displaying live data about nearby aircraft threats and their positions. Stay informed and proactive in maintaining safe distances.

  • Proactive Collision Alerts: Stay ahead of risks with instant alerts when aircraft enter a potential collision path. These timely notifications enable you to swiftly adjust your drone's flight path, ensuring a higher level of safety and compliance in your operations. Aircraft within a radius of 2100 meters and a relative height of ± 500 meters from your drone are classified as threats and will be highlighted in red on the map, alerting you to take necessary action. In contrast, aircraft outside this zone will be shown in grey, indicating they are not currently identified as a threat. These timely notifications enable you to swiftly adjust your drone's flight path, ensuring a higher level of safety and compliance in your operations.

Drag to Move Gimbal: Enhanced Control for Precision Tracking

Streamline your monitoring and tracking with the new Drag to Move Gimbal functionality. While we continue to support the movements achievable through double clicks, the new drag feature offers a more fluid experience. Now, effortlessly track moving objects with a simple drag of your mouse or touchpad, ideal for continuous movement scenarios like traffic monitoring or security surveillance. Choose between the precision of double clicks and the fluidity of dragging to suit your specific tracking needs.

Map Annotations Enhacements

We are now introducing the "Face Here" functionality, a powerful feature that allows you to mark specific points on the map for your drone to automatically orient towards. This is particularly useful for focusing on critical areas or points of interest. Coupled with the M30's range finder, which displays the distance to these marked points, you gain a comprehensive view of the drone's position relative to its target. You can use the "Face Here" functionality in conjunction with the "Go-To Location" feature to significantly boost your operational efficiency and situational awareness during drone missions.

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback on optimizing your autonomous drone operations, don't hesitate to contact our team at support@flytbase.com We're here to guide you every step of the way!

10 November 2023

In this release, we're focusing on what matters most to our users: enhanced control and advanced functionalities for precise aerial data capture and analysis. We're excited to introduce improved joystick control, versatile map annotations, and advanced payload features, all designed to elevate your remote drone operations with FlytBase.

🎮 Advanced Drone and Payload Control

  • Thrustmaster Joystick Support: You now have the option to use the popular Thrustmaster joystick, providing you with enhanced precision and control for your operations.

  • Revamped Key Bindings: We've completely redesigned our Keyboard and Joystick Bindings Settings, making them more intuitive and tailored to your preferences. Customizing your controls is now simpler and more efficient.

🔭 Payload 2.0: Improved Thermal Imaging and Sensing

  • New Features for Enhanced Analysis: Explore advanced capabilities with the addition of Range Finder, Thermal Palettes, and split-screen mode (thermal and zoom).

📍 Map Annotations

  • Diverse Annotation Options: You now have the flexibility to drop annotations in various forms - lines, points, or polygons. This enhancement gives you greater versatility in marking and analyzing your maps.

  • Editable Annotations: Easily modify your annotations to fit your specific requirements. Adjust colors, shapes, positions, and more to make your mapping as effective as possible.

  • Interactive Point Annotations: You can now set altitudes for point annotations and send your drone directly to any chosen point. The position and altitude will be auto-filled, streamlining your mission planning process.

  • Annotate using range finder: Enhance your annotations with precise distance measurements using the M30s range finder.

Explore these new features and elevate your remote drone ops today. Your feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement. For any queries or suggestions, reach out to us at support@flytbase.com. Stay tuned for more updates!

18 October 2023

Today, we bring you features designed to streamline your remote drone operations. Dive into our new drone and payload access transfer for improved team coordination, benefit from seamless remote firmware upgrades, and leverage the ease of cloud-based logs upload. Our commitment remains: to simplify your remote operations, letting you focus more on objectives and less on challenges.

🔄 Drone and Payload Access Transfer: Enhanced Safety, Compliance, and Collaboration

Following our last release that allowed organization members to view all online members in drone details, enhancing team collaboration, we're introducing another pivotal feature to further improve operational safety, and compliance, and minimize human errors. We recognized that in organizations with multiple online members, there was potential for confusion, miscommunication, and overlap in drone and payload control. Such overlaps could lead to non-compliance with operational protocols or regulations, and increase the risk of errors. To address this, we've made a pivotal change.

  • Real-time Control Visibility: Now, if John Doe, a member of your organization, executes a takeoff, you can instantly view it on the dashboard. Similarly, if Jane Smith takes control of the payload, that too is immediately visible. This transparency ensures everyone is aware of who's in charge of what, reducing the chances of inadvertent overlaps.

  • Exclusive Control Mechanism: To ensure clarity and safety, only one operator can have control of a specific drone flight at any given time, while another can exclusively control its payload if required.

  • Permission-based Control Transfer: If another member wishes to assume control of either flight operations or the payload, they must explicitly request permission from the current operator. This structured handover process guarantees a seamless transition, minimizing human errors and ensuring strict adherence to operational standards.

⚙️ Firmware Upgrade: Remote and Efficient

The need to be physically present for firmware upgrades was a challenge we wanted to address. Now, you can remotely upgrade your drone and dock's firmware, ensuring they're always equipped with the latest features.

  • Remote Upgrades: Introducing the ability to upgrade firmware without being on-site.

  • Choose Your Version: Specify the firmware version directly from the FlytBase dashboard.

  • Real-time Upgrade Tracking: Our firmware upgrade percentage bar keeps you informed, so you're never left guessing.

📊Logs Upload

We recognized another challenge you faced when hardware-specific issues arose. The traditional method required you to be on-site to download logs from the RC or the dock, and then send them to the hardware manufacturer. Not anymore!

  • Cloud-based Uploading: Directly upload drone and dock logs to the cloud from the FlytBase dashboard. No need to be on-site.

  • Tailored Log Requests: Request a list of logs for each device and choose specific logs for uploading.

  • Stay in Control: Changed your mind mid-upload? You can cancel it anytime.

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your upload's progress with our new progress bar, ensuring you're always informed.

In case you have any questions or feedback for us, feel free to reach out at support@flytbase.com

16 October 2023

In the world of remote drone operations, it's essential to have a team that communicates effectively and is in sync with each other. Whether you're conducting surveillance, monitoring traffic, or inspecting buildings, you need a team that is on the same page to ensure success. However, managing a large enterprise team can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to gauging the real-time engagement of the members who are actively participating in your organization. Who's monitoring the live operations? Who's in control during critical missions? These questions are pivotal for seamless remote operations. That's why we're introducing the Live Users feature - the overall goal? Enhancing your team's connectivity and visibility!

  • 👥 See Who's Online: Organization members can now view all online members in drone details, fostering better team collaboration.

  • 🖼️ Visual Member Count: Get a clearer picture of the online member count complemented by their profile images and roles in the organization.

Note: While this feature offers real-time insights, it operates independently of the drone's status. As we roll out fleet and single drone views in the upcoming releases, anticipate a richer, more integrated experience where you can see who is viewing the operations of a particular drone, and who's taken control during live operations.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@flytbase.com. We're here to help!

12 October 2023

Revamped Mission Planning:

We are thrilled to introduce an update to our Mission Planning platform this month. Our aim is to empower operators with unmatched control, adaptability, and clarity during every phase of mission planning.

Here are some of the key features:

  1. Diverse Waypoint Types: Navigate with precision by selecting from an array of Waypoint Types, including Transits Waypoint, Curved Route, Controlled Radius, and Linear Route. These choices provide operators with enhanced control over the drone's path during missions.

  2. Camera Mode Customizations: Optimize your data capture by specifying camera modes for individual waypoints, ensuring every shot is captured as intended.

  3. Advanced Waypoint Actions: Define and sequence Waypoint Actions, ensuring they trigger in the desired order as the drone arrives at each location.

  4. WPML Mission Flexibility: Seamlessly edit WPML missions imported from third-party platforms, offering you greater adaptability in mission execution.

  5. Revamped User Interface: Experience a more intuitive and streamlined mission planning process, complemented by a clear visualization of the mission's projected trajectory.

Beyond these spotlight features, we've infused numerous other enhancements to refine your mission planning journey. To learn more, refer to this document.

Mission Scheduler Improvements:

Based on the feedback we've received from our community of FlytBase Operators, we have now introduced a new frequency setting in the Scheduler. You can now schedule missions at quicker intervals that can be set for as low as 5 minutes!

To get started with the new mission scheduler, refer to this document.

In case you have any questions or feedback for us, feel free to reach out at support@flytbase.com

27 September 2023

Well, FlytBase just got even better! Upgrade to the latest version featuring a new Control Panel and minor UI improvements for smoother drone operations.

Introducing the New Mission Control Panel

Say goodbye to the old mission launch control panel menu as we introduce the all-new Control Panel. Execute missions, go-to locations, and Return to the Docking Station – all at your fingertips. What's more? You can now seamlessly abort, and resume missions perform actions like Return to Docking Station, Go To Location, or Manual controls, all within the Control Panel.

Mission Scheduler Gets a Facelift

Picture this: A sleeker, more intuitive Mission Scheduler interface that ensures you can schedule missions smoother than ever. We've not only spruced up the UI but also maintained all the capabilities you love.

Team Management Made Effortless

Navigating through team management has never been this hassle-free. We've relocated our admin portal to console.flytbase.com, offering a world-class user experience.

Health Management System Info in Drone Detail View

We believe in enhancing visibility, which is why we've added the HMS overview widget in the drone details view. Stay in control and make more informed decisions during operations.

For more details and step-by-step instructions, we recommend going through our video tutorial.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@flytbase.com. We're here to help!

24 August 2023

Imagine you're at your remote command centre, ready to deploy your DJI Dock and M30 drone. The success of your mission depends on reliable equipment, precise mission planning, and the ability to respond swiftly to unexpected situations. We've heard your feedback and are excited to introduce significant enhancements that cater to your needs.

Health Management System

When you power up your drone and dock, you'll notice the "Diagnostics" feature in the Device Maintenance Page. This offers real-time health monitoring, ensuring timely issue detection and reporting. Safety and reliability are our top priorities. Learn more about the Diagnostics feature here.

Mission Scheduler

This feature allows you to plan and schedule missions in advance, with the option to repeat them as needed. Set waypoints and actions for your flight path and make real-time adjustments as required. Explore the Mission Scheduler feature here.

Abort Functionality

Safety remains a priority, particularly during critical manoeuvres. With the "Abort Functionality," you gain the ability to halt your drone's current action during launch to location and return to the docking station manoeuvres. Think of it as an emergency brake for your drone, ready to respond swiftly to unexpected situations. Learn how to use the Abort Functionality here.

We value your input, so keep the feedback coming!  Stay tuned for more updates. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team at support@flytbase.com

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